Small VPSA armored oxygen

Technical Parameters

Oxygen production scale:100~20000 Nm^3/h

Oxygen purity:21~95%Adjustable within range

Oxygen consumption:Oxygen concentration is100% 0.32~0.38kw h /m^3

product description

In order to further reduce the customer's oxygen cost and take into account the ease of PSA oxygen installation, KingHOOD has developed a small oxygen production from VPSA. The overall assembly, skid-mounted, does not require on-site installation. It is suitable for users with small gas consumption and is an ideal choice for replacing gas cylinders and dura tanks.

product advantages

1、Simple process and low equipment

2、Low capital construction, simple installation, and low requirements on the plant

3、Fully automatic, no-load operation, and after stopping, the atmosphere in the adsorption tower is stable, and the product can be produced after a few minutes of re-driving, enabling unmanned operation and automatic operation.

4、Maintenance and repair work is small, low cost, no fixed parking maintenance needs, molecular sieve warranty for 10 years, no need to replace and add.

5、The energy consumption of the equipment is also relatively low, which helps to reduce costs.

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