Complete gas project contracting

Technical Parameters

Oxygen production scale:100~20000 Nm^3/h

Oxygen purity:21~95%Adjustable within range

Oxygen consumption:Oxygen concentration is100% 0.32~0.38kw h /m^3

product description

Our products come in a wide range of sizes, purity and pressures, whether it's a small amount of cylinder gas or a large amount of storage tanks, as well as customized on-site gas supply. Maybe you are a large corporation, or you may be an independent dealer. We The products provided are able to meet your business needs.

Our business scope is not just gas. As a complement to gas products, we also provide equipment, materials and hardware to provide full support for welding and more. You can also find head-to-toe security for your employees from our extensive range of security products.

product advantages

1.Organize personnel to keep in touch with the customer in a variety of ways such as telephone, fax, mail and on-site visits to understand the contact of the equipment with the customer, real-time operating conditions.

2. Helps and guides customers in the maintenance and use of equipment and reminds customers to replace spare parts in time.

3.From the beginning, Jincheng required sales personnel to accurately understand the specific needs of customers and formulate the plan that best fits the needs of customers.

4.Jincheng Gas has its own unique features in many aspects of the design of gas equipment. The technical level is always at the forefront of the industry.

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