Colored smelting

Copper and cobalt smelting   

The Huagang project has created the “Chinese speed” for African mine construction and has also created “Chinese quality”. The successful commissioning of the project is a beneficial attempt for the two sides to explore the transformation of resource advantages into development advantages, which is of great significance in driving the development of Ganggang Mining, improving infrastructure conditions and promoting social employment. After a series of technical exchanges, on-site inspections, and comprehensive measures, China Railway Group decided to enter into formal   cooperation with KingHOOD. Since the cooperation, KingHOOD has won the trust of China Railway Group with its advanced technology, excellent service and excellent product quality. The production capacity of the VPSA oxygen plant reached 6250 Nm3/h, and the operation was in good condition, which met the need of China Railway Group for oxygen use.

Lead and zinc smelting  

The cooperation between Jiangtong Group and KingHOODhas achieved a win-win situation. For Jiangtong Group, the stable operation of equipment has increased the efficiency of production and reduced the cost of production. For KingHOOD, the successful trading of a single business not only opens the door to the non-ferrous smelting market, but also means that the combination of pressure swing adsorption oxygen production and nonferrous smelting is full of possibilities.

Zinc indium smelting

KingHOOD has been engaged in research on the application of pressure swing adsorption oxygen equipment for more than ten years. The rigorous attitude demonstrated in the industry has been talked about by the outside world. The reason why Yunxi Group has reached formal cooperation with KingHOOD is not only because of the outstanding achievements of KingHOOD over the years, but also because of the company's tenet: KingHOOD has always been committed to providing you with the most economical and reliable Pressure swing adsorption oxygen equipment. Since the project was put into production, it has been at a stable stage. KingHOOD did not live up to the trust of Yunnan Tin Group and successfully completed its mission.

  Lead regeneration


In the domestic pressure swing adsorption oxygen industry, there are only a few companies that can meet the strict standards of HuaBao Group, and KingHOOD is just one of them. In the end, KingHOOD, with its decade-long ingenuity and achievement of the classic concept, stood out among many companies and reached an official cooperation with HuaBao Group. Since the project was put into operation, it has met the Hua platinum target in terms of oxygen production and purity, and has been highly recognized by the owners.

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