Process flow

The VPSA oxygen system is mainly composed of a blower, a vacuum pump, a switching valve, an adsorber, and an oxygen buffer tank. After the raw material air is removed by the suction filter, it is pressurized by the Roots blower to 0.45 barg and enters one of the adsorbers. The adsorber is filled with an adsorbent, in which moisture, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of other gas components are adsorbed on the adsorbent inlet at the bottom of the activated alumina, and then nitrogen is adsorbed on the zeolite molecular sieve on top of the activated alumina. Oxygen (including argon) is a non-adsorbed component that is discharged as a product gas from the top outlet of the adsorber to the oxygen buffer tank.

When the adsorber is adsorbed to a certain degree, the adsorbent therein will reach a saturated state. At this time, through the switching valve, a pressure equalization and depressurization process is first performed to recover part of the oxygen in the dead space of the adsorption tower and simultaneously reduce the pressure of the adsorption tower. To a slight negative pressure, vacuum pump (with the opposite direction of adsorption) with a vacuum pump, the vacuum is -0.50 barg. The adsorbed moisture, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and a small amount of other gas components are extracted and discharged to the atmosphere, and the adsorbent is regenerated.

 Each adsorber of VPSA alternately performs the following steps: --- adsorption --- desorption --- stamping


  • In 1997, it introduced foreign advanced technology for complete set of pressure swing adsorption oxygen production, and was successfully applied in the paper industry—Yunyunlin Paper-350, which is still in use today.
  • In 2000, the domestic production of molecular sieve was successfully applied to the use of equipment
  • The domestic VPSAO-1000-2B equipment was successfully launched in 2001.
  • In 2006, VPSAO-1400-2B oxygen production equipment was supplied to the largest bamboo pulp mill in China - Guizhou Chitianhua Paper In 2006, signed two sets of pressure swing adsorption oxygen equipment with Chenming Paper.
  • The largest equipment for pulping companies in 2007 VPSAO-2000-2B - Huaihua Juntai
  • 2009 Glass Furnace Kiln VPSAO-1750-2B - Qingdao Taibo
  • Pulp Industry's Largest Equipment VPSAO-3000-4B in 2011 — Tranlin Paper In 2011, Shandong Mineral Fiberglass VPSAO-4000-2B—Shuishui Glass Fiber


  • We have successfully implemented the first industrialized pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator in China.

  • We are the first to provide a reliable oxygen generator for domestic pulp oxygen bleaching.

  • We have created a precedent for the operation of domestic pressure swing adsorption oxygen at low temperatures.

  • We solved the effect of temperature difference on the process.

  • We have developed the most advanced skid-mounted VPSA small oxygen production process.

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