• In 1997, it introduced foreign advanced technology for complete set of pressure swing adsorption oxygen production, and was successfully applied in the paper industry—Yunyunlin Paper-350, which is still in use today.
  • In 2000, the domestic production of molecular sieve was successfully applied to the use of equipment
  • The domestic VPSAO-1000-2B equipment was successfully launched in 2001.
  • In 2006, VPSAO-1400-2B oxygen production equipment was supplied to the largest bamboo pulp mill in China - Guizhou Chitianhua Paper In 2006, signed two sets of pressure swing adsorption oxygen equipment with Chenming Paper.
  • The largest equipment for pulping companies in 2007 VPSAO-2000-2B - Huaihua Juntai
  • 2009 Glass Furnace Kiln VPSAO-1750-2B - Qingdao Taibo
  • Pulp Industry's Largest Equipment VPSAO-3000-4B in 2011 — Tranlin Paper In 2011, Shandong Mineral Fiberglass VPSAO-4000-2B—Shuishui Glass Fiber


  • We have successfully implemented the first industrialized pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator in China.

  • We are the first to provide a reliable oxygen generator for domestic pulp oxygen bleaching.

  • We have created a precedent for the operation of domestic pressure swing adsorption oxygen at low temperatures.

  • We solved the effect of temperature difference on the process.

  • We have developed the most advanced skid-mounted VPSA small oxygen production process.

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